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Software Tools for Tracking Employee Time And Attendance

There are many tools available for employers to automate the tracking of employee time and attendance situs judi online. These tools can do many things, like allow employees to clock in and out through a smartphone application. Many tools also include geofencing, so employers can monitor the locations from which remote employees are clocking in. Additionally, these tools compile reports on employee time and attendance, establishing a record for employers to reference in the event of an audit or simply to ensure compliance with company policy.

“With wage and hour laws, [reporting] is really important if you’re ever audited,” Brockway said. “If an employer moves forward with automating systems, they can usually track and report that data. It can also minimize operational costs, free up personnel for higher level tasks and add value to the organization.”

Here’s a look at some of our best picks for time and attendance software. For pointers on how to choose a time and attendance system for your business, see our best picks guide.

TimeClock Plus starts at $24 per employee, per year and includes flexible service plans that can meet the need of a variety of employers.

TSheets is a QuickBooks product that excels at providing time and attendance for mobile or remote workforces. It starts at $20 per month plus $5 per employee, per month.

Stratustime starts at $4 per employee, per month and provides key features like PTO management, automatic alerts, job forecasting and advanced reporting.

uAttend starts at $20 per month for up to 9 employees, with higher pricing tiers for more employees. It offers a cloud-hosting time and attendance system that is relatively flexible for very small businesses.

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